The National LGMD Conference is a project and program of the Speak Foundation


2019 Conference Schedule and Speaker Bios

Let your voice be heard as a patient.  We completed our 2019 inaugural conference and united all forms of LGMD at our conference in hopes for a cure! 

Our conference is run by patients and for patients to demonstrate that we are organized as a community and ready for new emerging treatments.   

We were honored to have Pat Furlong and Dr. Jerry Mendell, pictured above, at our event and were presented with Lifetime Achievement Awards for their contributions to our community.  

We assembled the best and brightest experts at the first conference ever dedicated to Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy.  The leading biotechs and pharma companies who are developing new genetic treatments for LGMD were in attendance.  

Please see our schedule and speakers for more information on 

what was presented this year.